dog fenceDid you surprise the family with a new puppy for Christmas?  We all know that a Christmas puppy can fill a family home with happiness and excitement, but there are things to consider before taking such a step.  As you shopped for your new dog, you likely heard all the cautious advice. The pet experts advised you to think carefully about what breed of dog you choose.  Others ask whether you have the time and funds to properly care for a new dog; and of course, they caution to be sure no one in the household has allergies to pet dander. Once you had all these bases covered, then there was just one more obstacle: to prepare for your pet’s outdoor safety.

Ask 10 people to list the top 5 dog breeds most likely to run or wander from home and you’ll get 10 different lists. If you’re a pet lover (and you wouldn’t be reading this is you weren’t), then you’ll love this video .

How will you contain your dog and keep him safe outdoors? 

After all, on that first warm Spring day, if you send your Christmas pup, Rover, into a back yard with no fence, then it’s clear that he will wander away into the neighborhood and beyond.  Maybe he’ll chase the first squirrel that comes his way or follow a passing group of children. Who can blame him? That’s what dogs do. But chances are, you’ll be listing Rover as a “lost Dog” online and stapling his wanted poster on every post and tree in the community before sundown. 

Christmas Puppies Make for Springtime Fences

To be sure that you’ve protected your puppy from the dangers that might await outdoors, a fence will be your primary consideration.  One option, of course, is the shock-based “invisible fence”; but many pet owners advise against it. This containment option demands a lot of training to let the dog know where the invisible barrier is located. Moreover, if your dog becomes agitated enough, he might run past the shock barrier.

Some dog owners opt for the dog kennel or dog run – a choice, of course, depending upon your pet and your circumstances.

However, a physical fence around your property will likely be your option of choice; but remember, dogs are escape artists.  The type of fence you choose depends upon the size – and talent – of your dog.  

Is he a climber or large enough to make his way over the fence?
A tall fence is in order. For large, athletic breeds, even a 6-foot privacy fence might be the choice.

Is he a smaller breed, more likely to dig under the fence to make his escape? 
If so, then the fence should be constructed so that a portion of it is actually underground as a barrier.

Is he the cerebral, patient type...
who will learn how to open the gate or just wait for his distracted humans to leave the gate ajar for him?  This, of course, is a bit more challenging but not impossible to solve.

Who Knows Everything About Fences?

Here at Security Fence in Red Lion, PA, our  fencing consultants have helped many pet owners to choose a fence that will not only contain their dogs but will also offer the family home security, privacy, and increased home value as well.  We are ready to help you make the right fencing decision to meet the needs of your family and your pets. So why not contact us with your questions?  We look forward to speaking with you.

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA for a more hands-on look at our many fencing options.



Security Fence Company Named #1 2018 Best of York Fencing ContractorWe are certainly humbled and honored to be voted #1 Best of York Fencing Contractor for 2018.  

We thought this would be a fine time to remind you that – when it comes to fencing – no job is too large or too small here at Security Fence Company.  We offer all types of fencing – from chain link and PVC to aluminum ornamental and custom wood fence products.  Of course, we also have a variety of kennels for pet owners and a supply of temporary construction fence for use by the building trades.


Chain Link Fence

For residential, industrial, commercial and government uses, a chain link fence is still the most practical and economical enclosure found.

Available in hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminumized steel, or vinyl coated in colors, chain link fencing stands guard 24 hours a day.

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PVC /fence

Security Fence Company/PVC custom manufactures over 30 different styles of PVC fence materials that carry a written lifetime warranty.

SFC/PVC extrusions are available in standard virgin vinyl for the safe and secure containment of livestock. We also offer a lightweight product which is identical in appearance but is much more cost effective for landscaping or property line applications where large animals will not contact the fence.

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Aluminum Ornamental Fence

The traditional, lasting beauty of ornamental fence not only secures your property but enhances it. 

Our aluminum ornamental fence is available in many styles, colors and sizes and can be supplied in residential, industrial and commercial grade to meet your fencing needs. 

SFC aluminum fence is assembled in Red Lion, PA, with the strictest quality control measures available in the industry.

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Custom Wood Fence

Custom wood fencing for your home or business from Security Fence Company can add natural beauty to your property. Our wood fence is available in several styles including split-rail, shadowbox and privacy.

The environmentally friendly MCA wood preservative is manufactured with minimal carbon footprint and provides superior performance.

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Temporary Construction Fence

Security Fence Company offers temporary fencing - construction fences for construction sites and other locations requiring temporary barriers. They feature welded galvanized framework, with tension bands and tension bars designed to hold galvanized fabric tight to framework. Fabric is tied to framework with 9 gauge aluminum ties. Sturdy panel stands are included with temporary fences.

Special size, height and width panels are available. Whether for construction sites or other temporary uses, fence panels can be swung open for access, or special size gates are available. Panels clamp together at top.

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Dog Kennels

Since 1972, Security Fence Company has provided Dog and Pet Kennels. Durable construction, quality manufacturing and ease of use makes our dog and pet kennels the best in the industry.

SFC Dog and Pet Kennels can be setup quickly and easily moved, stored or expanded. Their unique latching makes them exceptionally secure. Their chain link welded construction offers strength and durability. They are built to last, and they keep their value for re-sale. 

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We have served the York County community and surrounding area since 1972, and our customers are quick to tell us how much they value our products and the service we provide.  Needless to say, we expect to continue to live up to York County’s kind recommendations. We hope you'll stop by and browse our Showroom when you are in Red Lion.  Our staff would be pleased to answer your questions and show you around.


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