Have you ever seen a brand new fence that did not look great? Likely you have not. 

Think maintenance before you build your fence - Security Fence CompanyBut time always takes its toll on outdoor structures, so taking care of your fence as it ages is important. 

If you don’t want to be “that house” on the block where the fence becomes a neighborhood blemish that could even drive down property values for you and your neighbors, it’s important to be prepared to invest in maintenance.

Even more important is making the proper decisions about fencing material before your fence is built.  Be sure the fence type you choose is both affordable and of a type that you will be able to care for as time goes on. Think maintenance before building your wooden fence - Security Fence CompanyBe mindful that a wooden fence, while very appealing, is likely to cost much more to maintain in the long run.  If time and cost of maintenance is an issue for you, then exploring PVC/vinyl fencing could be a more prudent solution.  You might find that PVC/vinyl can offer just as much curb appeal as wood.

Regardless of the issues involved, having a fencing expert on your side as you choose your fence can be extremely helpful.  Here at Security Fence Company, our staff can help you sort out your options based on your needs so that you will ultimately have just the right fence that will make your home a standout in your neighborhood. 

Why not contact us to discuss your fencing needs and get a free quote?  We’re ready to answer all your questions and work with you to arrive at the perfect plan. If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA for a more hands-on look at our many fencing options.

good fences make good neighborsThe poet, Robert Frost, might have been onto something when he included the proverb, “Good fences make good neighbors” in the poem “Mending Wall”.  The idea is that a properly planned and built fence between your property and that of your neighbor allows you both to know and respect each other’s space and property. 

A fence can help if you wish to have protection for your backyard pool and to see that the neighborhood children don’t play in the garden that you spend most of your spare time tending.  It also helps you to prevent your dog from digging holes in your neighbor’s perfectly-manicured lawn. 

aluminum propertyline smlBoundaries are Important

You might be asking why knowing the exact property line matters if both you and your neighbor agree on where his property ends and yours begins.  Even if you have the best of relationships with your neighbors who might actually be more like extended family members, things can change.  If your neighbor moves away, your fence stands to mark the extent of your property when new neighbors arrive who might not be quite so chummy.

Property disputes can be most unpleasant – something to be avoided if possible.  Given that it is unlawful to build a fence that infringes on someone else’s property, your neighbor could legally require that you remove it if it is not in exactly the right place.   Think of the cost to remove and rebuild.

Your fence establishes a boundary, and it is important that it be properly placed according to existing property plats and deeds. If you don’t have this document, the place to start to obtain a copy is in your local zoning office well before the first post hole has been dug.

chain link fence to mark property lineLeave It to the Experts

You might have reservations about your fence project. You know that you really want that new fence, but it could seem  like a hassle with more than a little risk. Never fear -- our consultants here at Security Fence Company can help you avoid the pitfalls and make the right choices.  They know how to apply the zoning guidelines, recommend the right fencing to meet your needs and your property; and they can point you to civil engineers or surveyors if your property line is unmarked.  With their experienced help, you can relax and rely on them, knowing the result will exceed your expectations. 

Contact us today here at Security Fence in Red Lion, PA with your questions and your ideas.  We’ll get right on it.

next to streetDoes your back yard sit next to a busy street or within sight of a highway?  If so, then you know how aggravating street noise can be; and you are likely annoyed when you can’t enjoy a backyard get-together without being “on display”. You might even worry about your children and pets being exposed to passersby as they play in their yard.  If you can identify with any of these concerns, then you’ll want to consider a privacy fence.



street noiseA Privacy Fence Reduces Street Noise

Typical street noise measures at about 60-70 decibels.  A solid fence constructed of closely fitting panels along your property line at the road can reduce the typical street noise you hear in your yard by as much as 6-10 decibels, assuming it is tall enough to block the sound waves.  A fence of at least 6-8 feet high should offer an effective change.  However, balconies or higher-elevation structures would not receive the benefit; the sound would flow over the top of the fence. Likewise, if the fence is elevated from the ground, the tire noises will flow under the fence.    

securityA Privacy Fence Affords Security

By virtue of the fact that a privacy fence blocks the view of your yard from the street, it offers enhanced security.  Children and pets, in particular, can play without being noticed by anyone who might otherwise approach them or photograph them. Likewise, it contains pets and children who might be tempted to wander off the property if they see something that attracts them.  In addition, if you have vehicles, equipment or other items of value visible in your yard, they will not be noticed by passersby.

property resale valueA Privacy Fence Provides Increased Property Resale Value

A home sitting next to a busy road is obviously going to be less desirable than the same home on a private, quiet street with a back yard off the road.  However, with all other things being equal, if that home on a busy road has an attractive privacy fence in place, it might well appeal to a family with children and pets for the extra security. Thus, your chances for a quick sale are enhanced.



privacyA Privacy Fence Assures… Well, Privacy

We all have had our share of overly-friendly and nosey neighbors.  This is especially true if you like a quiet swim in your  backyard pool, like to enjoy cooking out with the family or perhaps just cherish time to sit in the shade and read without “those neighbors” dropping in to socialize just because they saw you out in the yard.  With a privacy fence, you are out of sight – thus out of mind.  


unlimited choices


Privacy Fences Afford Unlimited Choices

Given the many different sizes, styles, colors, and materials that can be used to create your privacy fence, it can be crafted to fit your home, landscape, and circumstances perfectly.  If you’re ready to explore the many choices you have for your own privacy fence, it’s time to bring in an experienced fencing consultant to help.



Here at Security Fence Company, our seasoned staff knows everything that you need to know about fences.  We’ll take a look at your property, discuss your needs, and help you explore your options to arrive at the perfect privacy fence for your home.  Why not Contact Us today to get your questions answered and discuss your project?  We’re waiting to hear from you.

dog fenceDid you surprise the family with a new puppy for Christmas?  We all know that a Christmas puppy can fill a family home with happiness and excitement, but there are things to consider before taking such a step.  As you shopped for your new dog, you likely heard all the cautious advice. The pet experts advised you to think carefully about what breed of dog you choose.  Others ask whether you have the time and funds to properly care for a new dog; and of course, they caution to be sure no one in the household has allergies to pet dander. Once you had all these bases covered, then there was just one more obstacle: to prepare for your pet’s outdoor safety.

Ask 10 people to list the top 5 dog breeds most likely to run or wander from home and you’ll get 10 different lists. If you’re a pet lover (and you wouldn’t be reading this is you weren’t), then you’ll love this video .

How will you contain your dog and keep him safe outdoors? 

After all, on that first warm Spring day, if you send your Christmas pup, Rover, into a back yard with no fence, then it’s clear that he will wander away into the neighborhood and beyond.  Maybe he’ll chase the first squirrel that comes his way or follow a passing group of children. Who can blame him? That’s what dogs do. But chances are, you’ll be listing Rover as a “lost Dog” online and stapling his wanted poster on every post and tree in the community before sundown. 

Christmas Puppies Make for Springtime Fences

To be sure that you’ve protected your puppy from the dangers that might await outdoors, a fence will be your primary consideration.  One option, of course, is the shock-based “invisible fence”; but many pet owners advise against it. This containment option demands a lot of training to let the dog know where the invisible barrier is located. Moreover, if your dog becomes agitated enough, he might run past the shock barrier.

Some dog owners opt for the dog kennel or dog run – a choice, of course, depending upon your pet and your circumstances.

However, a physical fence around your property will likely be your option of choice; but remember, dogs are escape artists.  The type of fence you choose depends upon the size – and talent – of your dog.  

Is he a climber or large enough to make his way over the fence?
A tall fence is in order. For large, athletic breeds, even a 6-foot privacy fence might be the choice.

Is he a smaller breed, more likely to dig under the fence to make his escape? 
If so, then the fence should be constructed so that a portion of it is actually underground as a barrier.

Is he the cerebral, patient type...
who will learn how to open the gate or just wait for his distracted humans to leave the gate ajar for him?  This, of course, is a bit more challenging but not impossible to solve.

Who Knows Everything About Fences?

Here at Security Fence in Red Lion, PA, our  fencing consultants have helped many pet owners to choose a fence that will not only contain their dogs but will also offer the family home security, privacy, and increased home value as well.  We are ready to help you make the right fencing decision to meet the needs of your family and your pets. So why not contact us with your questions?  We look forward to speaking with you.

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA for a more hands-on look at our many fencing options.


Security Fence welcomes Pal's Park in York, PA as our Guest Blogger today, and we are proud to be supporting this community dog park along the York County Heritage Rail Trail in the City of York, PA.  The park is undergoing a facelift, and we will be providing the fencing to help complete the project.


  PALS PARK logo1 It's Been a Busy Summer
 at Pal's Park!


PALS PARK photo1













If you've driven by the Park or walked by on the Rail Trail this summer, you've likely seen lots of activity happening at Pal's Park.

The work being done has been made possible by The Arthur J. and Lee R. Glatfelter Foundation, Powder Mill Foundation, Embracing Aging at the York County Community Foundation, Gannett, and our amazing individual donors who have been supporting the park through crowdfunding efforts like Give Local York over the past year and a half!




Maximize the usable days on your new deck... the sooner you start, the sooner it will be ready for your party.

Your Deck Should Enhance Your Property

Plan your new deck to enhance your property - get details from the Security Fence Staff - Red Lion, PADon’t over-improve but don’t under-improve your property with your new deck.  Likewise, be sure it is not too large or too small in proportion to your yard.  Traffic patterns and intended usage will also drive your decision to place your deck.  Here are more details and guidelines to help.

What Type of Decking Material? 

Basically, there are three ways to go – from PVC to composite to natural wood.  All three have unique advantages and disadvantages.

cellular PVC decking boards for low maintenance and long life -- see Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PACellular PVC decking – This high-end option offers a deck with the least amount of maintenance required.  It also provides a wide array of colors and designs – even decorative two-tone framing for a very customized appearance.  Foot traffic on the deck can cause some scratching, but you won’t need staining or sealing for protection; and your decking will be strong and light and will not splinter, rot or crack.  A yearly power washing should be all the maintenance needed to keep your cellular PVC deck looking great.

Want more details? Check this out... 

Composite decking boards offer a mid-range option from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PAComposite decking – With color and pattern choices similar to Cellular PVC, composite decking includes wood product filler and is somewhat more affordable and only requires periodic cleaning.  With this option, you can achieve a real wood look.  It is somewhat softer and less scratch-resistant than the higher-end Cellular PVC option, but it is often the go-to choice for a custom, low-maintenance deck option if budget is a factor.




wooden deck

Wood decking – With various choices of wood and many choices of stain and finish available, a wood deck allows for a less expensive but still customized option for your deck. Maintenance of your pressure-treated wood deck is considerable when compared to Cellular PVC or Composite.  The first year, you’ll want to leave the deck to dry out; and then you’ll stain and seal every few years thereafter to stay ahead of the surface wear from foot traffic. Wood decking feels natural to the touch and is somewhat cooler than other options.

 After Choosing Deck Boards, Select Your Railings

Choose from many styles of railings for your deck at Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PAWhether your deck is on one level or several, whether there are stairs or not, your available choices for deck railings are many.  Will you stick with the traditional or be creative.  Whatever you choose, your railings should complement the style of your house.  So take time to select with care.

A Multitude of Accessories

Many deck accessories will round out your deck plan - Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PAIf you’ll be doing much entertaining, you might want to add built-in benches.  If there is a lot of sun exposure on your deck, you should consider shade structures like awnings or perhaps pergolas.  If you’re planning to use your deck after dark, it will help to include deck-lighting, and there are many options available. 

Unless you are an experienced builder, you will likely have questions as you think through your plan for your deck.  You can rely on the crew at Security Fence Company to have answers for you and to help guide you through your planning process so that you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.  Just call us or drop by our office and browse our showroom.  We’re here to help.


Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your decking options so that you choose just the right type of decking and railings for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  a new deck can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA so that we can better explain how the decking material of your choice can enhance your home's property value. 

Security Fence custom sunroom job - O'ConnorWhen Gail and John O'Connor decided to enhance their existing condo with a sunroom to expand their home's space and function, they reached out to Security Fence to do the job.

Sunroom by Security Fence - interior shot - O'ConnorsThe attractive and functional 4-season sunroom that they chose was created by our Security Fence designers and installers. The O'Connors were able to choose multiple aspects of the final design, and they elected to upgrade the project to include a stunning Versetta concrete stone wall.  

Custom sunroom job for O'Connor by Security Fence, York, PAThis custom-built room was designed to hide the existing gas and air conditioning units yet allow for easy access. The remaining walls and trim are made of PVC, and the roof is an aluminum material which can be shingled.  The gabled roof maximizes backyard viewing through the use of multiple sizes and shapes of windows and allowed for the addition of a ceiling fan. 

Sunroom by Security Fence - O'Connors - York, PAAll of the insulated, argon-filled windows have both a glass and screen option -- a convenience as the seasons change, and they can easily be opened for cleaning.

If you are planning to add a sunroom to your home or business, then why not speak with our experienced designers to discuss your ideas, have your questions answered and/or get a quote? All of our sunrooms are designed to satisfy our customers' specific needs. 

In fact, read below what the O'Connors had to say about their finished project.

We are recent customers of Security Fence Company.  We selected them to install our Sun Room, and we are glad we did.  The whole procedure was explained before the work began.  The installers arrived to our home on time each day and immediately began working.  They worked as quietly as possible and left our property neat at the end of each day.  The job was completed on time and within budget.  The workmanship is excellent.  We love our Sun Room!  -- John & Gail O'Connor 


Meet the Security Fence crew and discuss your next project.

Security Fence at York Fall Home ShowWhere?  
York Fairgrounds – Memorial Hall

Friday, November 1 – 11:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday, November 2 – 10:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday, November 3 – 10:00am – 6:00pm

Admission to the show is FREE WITH ONLINE REGISTRATION or $10 at the door.

5% OFF on installation of any product with any completed Contact Sheet at the Show.

Visit Security Fence at the York Fall Home ShowSummer is behind us and Spring is not far ahead.  If this is the year that you will be adding or upgrading your outdoor living space, then it is time to make your plan.  Whether it is fencing, decking, columns & posts, porches & railings, exterior trim, sunrooms, automatic gates, awnings & canopies, or something else to make your home’s outdoor space more useful and attractive, then rely on the Security Fence crew to make it happen.

Why Visit us at the York Fall Home Show?

You'll have our crew here at your disposal.  Bring your sketches, plans and lists. We'll have displays, samples, and brochures to offer ideas.  We can answer your questions about your outdoor jobs and help you make decisions to enhance and finalize your plan.  

Can't Make it to the Show?

Why not plan to stop by and tour our Showroom here in Red Lion, PA anytime during our business hours.  We're here to help you whenever you're ready to start your project.   

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your home improvement options so that you choose just the right type of styles and materials for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  we can help you improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

amerflag view1You might already know that we must follow certain protocol when displaying flags, whether you're displaying the American flag alone or in combination with other flags. We thought you might appreciate these Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to help you properly display your flags, honor our country and thank our service members past and present.

If you're considering a flag display for your property, you'll want to have the right flagpole and accessories as well as the right flag for your space and purpose. You'll find the details you'll need here on the Security Fence website. In addition to American flags, we stock POW/MIA flags, Pennsylvania state flags, flagpoles and all accessories for poles and display.

Still have questions? Our staff is always glad to assist. Just contact us at your convenience or stop by at our Showroom in Red Lion to chat in person and see our stock first hand.

veterans job fair 2019As a longstanding employer in York County, we are proud to participate in the 2019 Veterans' Expo and Job Fair. 

Here at Security Fence, we make it a point to support and respect the military veterans in our community, and we value the expertise and rich source of talent that they bring to the workplace.  We invite veterans, active military personnel and spouses who need jobs to meet with us to learn what our company offers.

Register Online for the free Veterans' Expo and Job Fair

Since 1972, we have offered the finest fence, gate, railing, deck and flagpole  products as well as access control equipment; and our sales and service are second to none within the fencing industry. Our experienced installation crews always perform their trade in a professional manner. All divisions are managed by employees with over 20 years experience in the fencing, decking, kennels, access control, and flagpole industry.  In addition to the products and services we provide directly to the consumers of York, Adams, Lancaster and Dauphin counties in Pennsylvania and Carroll, Baltimore and Harford counties in Maryland, Security Fence Company is a stocking distributor for all major manufacturers in the fence industry; and we service over 300 independent fence dealers and numerous retail stores.


Catch us at the Pennsylvania Trade Shows in York, Harrisburg and Hanover

Security Fence Trade Shows - 2019- York - Harrisburg - Hanover - PennsylvaniaIt's the time of the year for the Security Fence crew to visit your area. We'll have displays, samples and brochures to offer ideas. Check out these details and mark your calendars so you don't miss us over the next two months. If you're planning any home improvement projects, be sure to stop by our booth and talk to us about them. Bring your sketches, plans and lists.  We can answer your questions about fencing, decking, porches, and many other outdoor jobs and help you make decisions to enhance and finalize your plan. 



York Home & Garden Show - Security Fence - Showcase #4York Home & Garden Show - Showcase #4

February 8th - February 10th
Utz Arena at York Fairgrounds - York, PA



PA Home & Garden Design Expo - Security Fence - Booth #2508Pennsylvania Home Show - Booth #2509

February 28 - March 3rd
Main Hall of PA Farm Show Complex
Maclay Street Entrance - Harrisburg, PA



Hanover Builders' Home & Garden Show - Security Fence - Booth #P6Hanover Home Show - Booth #P6

March 7th - March 9th
Former Weis Markets - 1047 Baltimore Street, Hanover, PA



Can't Make it to the Shows?

Why not plan to stop by and tour our Showroom here in Red Lion, PA anytime during our business hours.  We're here to help you whenever you're ready to start your project.   

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your home improvement options so that you choose just the right type of styles and materials for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  we can help you improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

Decking by Security Fence - low maintenance composite deck boards - Red Lion, PAWhether you’ll be working with a decking contractor like Security Fence Company or doing your own deck construction, you’ll have many questions to answer before your deck project plan is complete. 

Have questions or want to discuss your project?  Contact our Office…

Among other things, you’ll need to decide how well the deck you are planning will enhance your property, the dimensions of your completed deck, and the location of the deck relative to your house. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

Decking with component deck boards - Security Fence Company - decking contractorReflecting on the Appearance

Adding a deck to your property will enhance your property value, but under-improving or over-improving will not serve you well regarding return on investment when you sell your property. Appearance is important since your deck should reflect the style of your house and look as much as possible like it has been there forever. To get a good idea of appropriate choices in overall appearance, decking materials, sizing, style, landscaping and more, take some time to look at other decks in your neighborhood and perhaps speak to your neighbors who have made a similar investment.

Need more details? Check this out…

Deck size is important to your decking plan - Ask Security Fence Company for adviceDeciding on the Size of Your Deck

A deck that is in proportion to your yard – neither too large or too small – will offer the most use and enjoyment, going forward.  Start by sketching your yard and penciling in the deck. Change it as needed until you arrive at the best sizing solution.  Don’t forget to consider the standards imposed by local codes regarding the limitations of deck size and how much yard space must be preserved between the deck and the property line.

Choosing Deck Placement

Decide on deck placement before final decking plan, advises Security Fence Company - decking contractorDepending on the size and topography of your lot and positioning of your house, you might have more than one option in the location of your deck.  Assuming you have some flexibility in where you place your deck’s access to your home, consider – in particular, traffic patterns.  It might seem most logical to position your deck to offer access through your kitchen door, but can your kitchen layout handle the traffic through the food preparation area?  Would it be better to consider access through a living area such as the family room where the layout is less constrained and the option to have a wider doorway like french doors or a slider might be possible? The latter access choice would also likely offer better access to a bath or powder room – important if you’ll be entertaining on your deck often.

Protecting From the Elements

Unless you will be adding an awning or other covering to your deck, then you’ll need to consider exposure to the sun and how you can make use of natural shade from surrounding trees or your use of the outside living space won’t be nearly as enjoyable. Wind could also be a factor, so think about how deck placement can minimize it.

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your decking options so that you choose just the right type of decking and railings for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  a new deck can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA so that we can better explain how the decking material of your choice can enhance your home's property value.

When you think of having a deck, it’s likely that you first think of summertime relaxing, cooking out and entertaining friends and family.  After all, it would expand your outdoor living space.  But you might not have considered that it also adds value to your property and boosts your home’s saleability.

Decking contractor - Security Fence Co - for PVC and component decking and PVC and aluminum railingsHaving the deck of your dreams takes some time for planning and construction.  So, if you want to enjoy your new deck by the time spring brings warm weather and blooming flowerbeds, then you’ll want to start several months in advance to assess your property for deck construction. 

Successfully planning your deck requires that you think first about your yard’s layout and how you’ll be using the new space. This will help you to decide on the size and features you want or need for your new deck.  In addition, you’ll need to know about any building restrictions in your area. Then, there’s your budget to consider as well.

How can a Decking Contractor Help?

An experienced decking contractor like Security Fence Company can make the job easy by visiting your home, discussing your needs, desires and budget for your new deck, sharing decking and railing options, making recommendations and helping you decide what your new deck project will include. SFC’s seasoned representatives know the zoning requirements. They will take care of all the details: obtaining permits, scheduling the project and the crew, delivering all materials, constructing your new deck and leaving your area clean once the project is complete.  All you have to do is relax and plan your first get-together in your new outdoor space.

Need more details? Check this out…

Have questions or need to discuss your project?  Contact our Office…

What if You DIY?

DIY decking project or Security Fence Company contractor?If you’ll be building the deck yourself, then it’s time to do your research on zoning guidelines and permit requirements, decide on the materials and supplies you’ll need, the tools you’ll require, and how you’ll coordinate deliveries, debris disposal, etc. If you haven’t done a project like this before, you might subscribe to make use of online design resources. With that done, pull out your calendar and set aside the construction time needed. For example, building a simple 200-250 sq. ft. deck yourself might typically require a minimum of four weekends – more if you’re new to this type of work.  Don’t forget to allow for weather contingencies along with delivery delays and other obstacles that might arise. Yes, it is a big project and time-consuming too; but it could be worth it if you have the building expertise, access to the tools and resources, and enough free weekends to make it happen. 

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your decking options so that you choose just the right type of decking and railings for your property and lifestyle.  Why not 
call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  a new deck can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA so that we can better explain how the decking material of your choice can enhance your home's property value.

The top ten reasons Security Fence Company’s PVC materials are superior to our competitor’s.

Why Choose PVC Fencing from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PANot all fence referred to as ‘PVC’ is PVC. 

Many big box stores, local fence companies and landscapers attempt to sell fencing that is a composite material wrapped in PVC.  The composite material is made up from recycled materials that include plastic bags and ground up replacement window frames.  This makes up the bulk of their product which can be unstable due to the different components expanding and contracting at different rates.  This can cause cracking and structural failure.  Security Fence Company’s PVC is composed 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  No cracking, no structural failure.

Import PVC and lead poisoning has been a serious problem in the industry. 

Much of the PVC manufactured in Asia and third world countries contains so much lead it can actually leach into the ground water.  Fortunately the EPA and DER were made aware of the situation and are working diligently to test and remove the contaminated product.  Security Fence Company’s PVC is manufactured with PVC resin formed in the USA and all of our extrusions come from US manufacturing plants.  No imports = No contaminated products.

No exposed fasteners on PVC fencing from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PA

No screws, no brackets, no exposed fasteners: A trademark of Security Fence Company PVC. 

We were one of the first in the industry over 20 years ago to construct our fence styles without unsightly and expensive exterior screws and brackets.  Our philosophy is you can’t have a maintenance free fence if you use pointed screws and brackets to hold it together. 

PVC from Security Fence Company stays clean and sleek.

You wouldn’t stand in the sun every day for years without sunscreen, would you?  Well neither does Security Fence Company’s PVC.  Our products contain titanium dioxide which is why ours stays clean and sleek through the years and some of our competitor’s turn gray and rough.

Check out our styles and pictures in the PVC Fencing Photo Gallery to see the superior appearance of Security Fence Company’s PVC.

PVC fencing from Security Fence Company of Red Lion - superior to othersNo corner, end or line post inserts required.

Thin wall posts which require inserts to stabilize the fence will crack and fail within a short period of time.  Security Fence Company PVC corner, end and line posts do not require inserts; they are a minimum wall thickness of .135”.

Gluing pickets to a fence just doesn’t work. 

I’m sure in your neighborhood you can find a person who bought the wrong PVC fence.  The pickets are falling off.  This is most prevalent with the big box store products who are attempting to emulate our appearance of no exposed fasteners.  Unfortunately, glue is not a solution.  Ask your Security Fence Company PVC representative to show you the positive locking hidden fasteners we use.  You’ll be impressed and your pickets will stay on your fence, not on the ground.

PVC fencing from Security Fence Company - Red Lion, PA - stands out from the restNo ugly rusting on a PVC fence from Security Fence Company.

Our PVC uses all stainless steel gate hardware which is powder-coated.  This process prevents rust because a PVC fence with rust running down the post or gate is not attractive.

Always a written waranty with Security Fence Company PVC

If they won’t put their guarantee in writing, it’s not a guarantee.  Security Fence Company will provide a written limited lifetime warranty on any of our Security Fence Company PVC styles.

PVC fences from Security Fence Company - Red Lion, PA - offer stable gateposts and much moreStable gate posts with no sagging

Security Fence Company PVC uses aluminum inserts to prevent sagging of sections and extra stability in gate posts.  Kids, dogs and bad neighbors abuse fencing by trying to go over, around, under and through it.  By adding aluminum extrusions to the structural points of the fence, Security Fence Company PVC will stand up to the abuse.

Extrusions that interlock are necessary for structural integrity. 

Security Fence Company PVC utilizes this practice at every possible junction.  Even our tongue and groove privacy boards have a positive interlock as opposed to our competition who simply butt board to board.  This is why Security Fence Company PVC withstands the test of time and attacks from the elements.

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your fencing options so that you choose just the right type of fence for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  fencing can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA so that we can better explain how the fencing material of your choice can enhance your home's security and property value.

Security Fence Company Named #1 2018 Best of York Fencing ContractorWe are certainly humbled and honored to be voted #1 Best of York Fencing Contractor for 2018.  

We thought this would be a fine time to remind you that – when it comes to fencing – no job is too large or too small here at Security Fence Company.  We offer all types of fencing – from chain link and PVC to aluminum ornamental and custom wood fence products.  Of course, we also have a variety of kennels for pet owners and a supply of temporary construction fence for use by the building trades.


Chain Link Fence

For residential, industrial, commercial and government uses, a chain link fence is still the most practical and economical enclosure found.

Available in hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminumized steel, or vinyl coated in colors, chain link fencing stands guard 24 hours a day.

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PVC /fence

Security Fence Company/PVC custom manufactures over 30 different styles of PVC fence materials that carry a written lifetime warranty.

SFC/PVC extrusions are available in standard virgin vinyl for the safe and secure containment of livestock. We also offer a lightweight product which is identical in appearance but is much more cost effective for landscaping or property line applications where large animals will not contact the fence.

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Aluminum Ornamental Fence

The traditional, lasting beauty of ornamental fence not only secures your property but enhances it. 

Our aluminum ornamental fence is available in many styles, colors and sizes and can be supplied in residential, industrial and commercial grade to meet your fencing needs. 

SFC aluminum fence is assembled in Red Lion, PA, with the strictest quality control measures available in the industry.

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Custom Wood Fence

Custom wood fencing for your home or business from Security Fence Company can add natural beauty to your property. Our wood fence is available in several styles including split-rail, shadowbox and privacy.

The environmentally friendly MCA wood preservative is manufactured with minimal carbon footprint and provides superior performance.

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Temporary Construction Fence

Security Fence Company offers temporary fencing - construction fences for construction sites and other locations requiring temporary barriers. They feature welded galvanized framework, with tension bands and tension bars designed to hold galvanized fabric tight to framework. Fabric is tied to framework with 9 gauge aluminum ties. Sturdy panel stands are included with temporary fences.

Special size, height and width panels are available. Whether for construction sites or other temporary uses, fence panels can be swung open for access, or special size gates are available. Panels clamp together at top.

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Dog Kennels

Since 1972, Security Fence Company has provided Dog and Pet Kennels. Durable construction, quality manufacturing and ease of use makes our dog and pet kennels the best in the industry.

SFC Dog and Pet Kennels can be setup quickly and easily moved, stored or expanded. Their unique latching makes them exceptionally secure. Their chain link welded construction offers strength and durability. They are built to last, and they keep their value for re-sale. 

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We have served the York County community and surrounding area since 1972, and our customers are quick to tell us how much they value our products and the service we provide.  Needless to say, we expect to continue to live up to York County’s kind recommendations. We hope you'll stop by and browse our Showroom when you are in Red Lion.  Our staff would be pleased to answer your questions and show you around.


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