Dog Kennels


Since 1972, Security Fence Company has provided Dog and Pet Kennels. Durable construction, quality manufacturing and ease of use makes our dog and pet kennels the best in the industry.


Here are just a few of the features to consider when purchasing a dog and pet kennel:

  • Quick Setup: All panels are completely pre-fabricated. You install only 8 bolts and you are done.
  • Movable: When you move, your dog kennel moves with you!
  • Storable: If not in use, your dog kennel can be stored against any wall in literally inches of space.
  • Aesthetic: Welded construction for strength, function, and appearance
  • Re-Sale: Pre-owned dog kennels keep their value.
  • Expandable: Add or delete panels to totally redesign your enclosure.
  • Welded: Chain link construction for maximum strength and durability
  • Mini Legs: Keep bottom rail above grade to inhibit rust.
  • Continuous Top and Bottom Welds: with weep space for condensation
  • Fabric: bolted to panels; not clipped
  • All Steel Parts: are hot-dip galvanized
  • Flip Latch: requires a human hand to open and can be easily padlocked


  •   6' Wide x   8' Long x 4' High
  •   6' Wide x 10' Long x 6' High
  •   6' Wide x 12' Long x 6' High
  • 10' Wide x 10' Long x 6' High

Security Fence Dog Kennels are also available in any reasonable size by special order. You can even add a kennel roof panel for maximum security.




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