Have you ever seen a brand new fence that did not look great? Likely you have not. 

Think maintenance before you build your fence - Security Fence CompanyBut time always takes its toll on outdoor structures, so taking care of your fence as it ages is important. 

If you don’t want to be “that house” on the block where the fence becomes a neighborhood blemish that could even drive down property values for you and your neighbors, it’s important to be prepared to invest in maintenance.

Even more important is making the proper decisions about fencing material before your fence is built.  Be sure the fence type you choose is both affordable and of a type that you will be able to care for as time goes on. Think maintenance before building your wooden fence - Security Fence CompanyBe mindful that a wooden fence, while very appealing, is likely to cost much more to maintain in the long run.  If time and cost of maintenance is an issue for you, then exploring PVC/vinyl fencing could be a more prudent solution.  You might find that PVC/vinyl can offer just as much curb appeal as wood.

Regardless of the issues involved, having a fencing expert on your side as you choose your fence can be extremely helpful.  Here at Security Fence Company, our staff can help you sort out your options based on your needs so that you will ultimately have just the right fence that will make your home a standout in your neighborhood. 

Why not contact us to discuss your fencing needs and get a free quote?  We’re ready to answer all your questions and work with you to arrive at the perfect plan. If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA for a more hands-on look at our many fencing options.


The top ten reasons Security Fence Company’s PVC materials are superior to our competitor’s.

Why Choose PVC Fencing from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PANot all fence referred to as ‘PVC’ is PVC. 

Many big box stores, local fence companies and landscapers attempt to sell fencing that is a composite material wrapped in PVC.  The composite material is made up from recycled materials that include plastic bags and ground up replacement window frames.  This makes up the bulk of their product which can be unstable due to the different components expanding and contracting at different rates.  This can cause cracking and structural failure.  Security Fence Company’s PVC is composed 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  No cracking, no structural failure.

Import PVC and lead poisoning has been a serious problem in the industry. 

Much of the PVC manufactured in Asia and third world countries contains so much lead it can actually leach into the ground water.  Fortunately the EPA and DER were made aware of the situation and are working diligently to test and remove the contaminated product.  Security Fence Company’s PVC is manufactured with PVC resin formed in the USA and all of our extrusions come from US manufacturing plants.  No imports = No contaminated products.

No exposed fasteners on PVC fencing from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PA

No screws, no brackets, no exposed fasteners: A trademark of Security Fence Company PVC. 

We were one of the first in the industry over 20 years ago to construct our fence styles without unsightly and expensive exterior screws and brackets.  Our philosophy is you can’t have a maintenance free fence if you use pointed screws and brackets to hold it together. 

PVC from Security Fence Company stays clean and sleek.

You wouldn’t stand in the sun every day for years without sunscreen, would you?  Well neither does Security Fence Company’s PVC.  Our products contain titanium dioxide which is why ours stays clean and sleek through the years and some of our competitor’s turn gray and rough.

Check out our styles and pictures in the PVC Fencing Photo Gallery to see the superior appearance of Security Fence Company’s PVC.

PVC fencing from Security Fence Company of Red Lion - superior to othersNo corner, end or line post inserts required.

Thin wall posts which require inserts to stabilize the fence will crack and fail within a short period of time.  Security Fence Company PVC corner, end and line posts do not require inserts; they are a minimum wall thickness of .135”.

Gluing pickets to a fence just doesn’t work. 

I’m sure in your neighborhood you can find a person who bought the wrong PVC fence.  The pickets are falling off.  This is most prevalent with the big box store products who are attempting to emulate our appearance of no exposed fasteners.  Unfortunately, glue is not a solution.  Ask your Security Fence Company PVC representative to show you the positive locking hidden fasteners we use.  You’ll be impressed and your pickets will stay on your fence, not on the ground.

PVC fencing from Security Fence Company - Red Lion, PA - stands out from the restNo ugly rusting on a PVC fence from Security Fence Company.

Our PVC uses all stainless steel gate hardware which is powder-coated.  This process prevents rust because a PVC fence with rust running down the post or gate is not attractive.

Always a written waranty with Security Fence Company PVC

If they won’t put their guarantee in writing, it’s not a guarantee.  Security Fence Company will provide a written limited lifetime warranty on any of our Security Fence Company PVC styles.

PVC fences from Security Fence Company - Red Lion, PA - offer stable gateposts and much moreStable gate posts with no sagging

Security Fence Company PVC uses aluminum inserts to prevent sagging of sections and extra stability in gate posts.  Kids, dogs and bad neighbors abuse fencing by trying to go over, around, under and through it.  By adding aluminum extrusions to the structural points of the fence, Security Fence Company PVC will stand up to the abuse.

Extrusions that interlock are necessary for structural integrity. 

Security Fence Company PVC utilizes this practice at every possible junction.  Even our tongue and groove privacy boards have a positive interlock as opposed to our competition who simply butt board to board.  This is why Security Fence Company PVC withstands the test of time and attacks from the elements.

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your fencing options so that you choose just the right type of fence for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  fencing can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA so that we can better explain how the fencing material of your choice can enhance your home's security and property value.


Security Fence Company Named #1 2018 Best of York Fencing ContractorWe are certainly humbled and honored to be voted #1 Best of York Fencing Contractor for 2018.  

We thought this would be a fine time to remind you that – when it comes to fencing – no job is too large or too small here at Security Fence Company.  We offer all types of fencing – from chain link and PVC to aluminum ornamental and custom wood fence products.  Of course, we also have a variety of kennels for pet owners and a supply of temporary construction fence for use by the building trades.


Chain Link Fence

For residential, industrial, commercial and government uses, a chain link fence is still the most practical and economical enclosure found.

Available in hot-dipped galvanized steel, aluminumized steel, or vinyl coated in colors, chain link fencing stands guard 24 hours a day.

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PVC /fence

Security Fence Company/PVC custom manufactures over 30 different styles of PVC fence materials that carry a written lifetime warranty.

SFC/PVC extrusions are available in standard virgin vinyl for the safe and secure containment of livestock. We also offer a lightweight product which is identical in appearance but is much more cost effective for landscaping or property line applications where large animals will not contact the fence.

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Aluminum Ornamental Fence

The traditional, lasting beauty of ornamental fence not only secures your property but enhances it. 

Our aluminum ornamental fence is available in many styles, colors and sizes and can be supplied in residential, industrial and commercial grade to meet your fencing needs. 

SFC aluminum fence is assembled in Red Lion, PA, with the strictest quality control measures available in the industry.

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Custom Wood Fence

Custom wood fencing for your home or business from Security Fence Company can add natural beauty to your property. Our wood fence is available in several styles including split-rail, shadowbox and privacy.

The environmentally friendly MCA wood preservative is manufactured with minimal carbon footprint and provides superior performance.

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Temporary Construction Fence

Security Fence Company offers temporary fencing - construction fences for construction sites and other locations requiring temporary barriers. They feature welded galvanized framework, with tension bands and tension bars designed to hold galvanized fabric tight to framework. Fabric is tied to framework with 9 gauge aluminum ties. Sturdy panel stands are included with temporary fences.

Special size, height and width panels are available. Whether for construction sites or other temporary uses, fence panels can be swung open for access, or special size gates are available. Panels clamp together at top.

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Dog Kennels

Since 1972, Security Fence Company has provided Dog and Pet Kennels. Durable construction, quality manufacturing and ease of use makes our dog and pet kennels the best in the industry.

SFC Dog and Pet Kennels can be setup quickly and easily moved, stored or expanded. Their unique latching makes them exceptionally secure. Their chain link welded construction offers strength and durability. They are built to last, and they keep their value for re-sale. 

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We have served the York County community and surrounding area since 1972, and our customers are quick to tell us how much they value our products and the service we provide.  Needless to say, we expect to continue to live up to York County’s kind recommendations. We hope you'll stop by and browse our Showroom when you are in Red Lion.  Our staff would be pleased to answer your questions and show you around.



benefits of a privacy fenceWhile any fence serves to define the boundary of your property, a privacy fence can provide special benefits that you might not have considered.

Since it is typically much taller and serves to block the view of your property from the outside, a privacy fence can be a good option for many homeowners. You will want to be informed about all the features before making your final decision, and the following outlines some benefits for your consideration.

Visual Appeal

benefits of a privacy fenceWhen used in conjunction with landscaping materials, you can form a beautiful setting or define an area of your yard. In fact, the height of a privacy fence may allow it to serve as a “wall” to enclose a new and trendy Outdoor Room – whether it is an outdoor kitchen, dining area, pool scape, spa or some other personal space taking advantage of the outdoors. Consider the possibilities.


Perhaps more than any other type of perimeter barrier, a privacy fence will offer your property some shelter from the elements. The fence will act as a windbreaker, protecting you and whatever it encloses from the effects of wind. Moreover, it will often also offer shade from the sun, depending on the layout in relation to your house.

benefits of a privacy fenceSafety

A yard confined within a privacy fence will serve to keep out intruders – including the neighborhood animals – and it keeps your property hidden from prying eyes. At the same time it keeps your children and pets within the boundary, especially since they cannot see beyond the fence and be tempted to stray.

Noise Control

Typically, the height and solid construction of a privacy fence can lessen the amount of noise that your yard suffers from the outside so that it is not as intrusive as it would be with another type of fence or with no barrier at all.  In addition, it will help to danpen the noise coming from your yard making you a considerate neighbor.

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, we can answer your questions and help you explore your fencing options so that you choose just the right type of fence for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  fencing can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

Better still, browse our line of fencing here on our website or visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA, and then let us know how we can help you enhance your home’s value.



Headboard using fence panel from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PAFor those of you who are thinking that fences only belong outside, we're here to enlighten you. 

Creative interior designers often have a different idea; and from time to time, they come to us here at Security Fence Company for help.  We are always glad to accommodate as we did when a customer wanted to add a special touch to a bedroom with a unique headboard made from a single fence panel.  The result was a beautiful focal point in this bedroom -- one that could likely not have been achieved with the use of a traditional bed headboard.

This is not a new concept.  Creative homeowners have been using items such as fencing panels for many indoor uses.  They have created stunning room dividers, railings and walls.  They have added fence panels -- from split rail to white picket and more -- to give another dimension in front of a full wall mural.  They have even incorporated outdoor elements like fencing, decking and railings into custom-built furniture. 

Let's not forget all the innovative displays and decor crafted by commercial decorators and found in restaurants and retail stores where decorating themes are designed to capture the imagination of the customer -- everything from wood for rustic western to ornamental aluminum for european chic.

How about you?  Have you made use of fencing or other nontraditional items in your indoor decorating?  If so, why not share your creations with us?  And if you have decorating ideas and could use our products, then let us be a part of your creative process. We can help you with your projects.

Needing some inspiration? Why not browse the online showroom  here on our website or visit our company showroom in Red Lion, PA?  Then let us know how we can help you make your home a decorator's showcase.







Why choose SFC aluminum fencing for your home?Aluminum fence is an upscale, maintenance-free classic-style fence that will add lasting value to your home.

Better Quality Control
Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, we assemble our own aluminum fencing. This assembly process allows us to inspect every extrusion including rails, pickets, posts and hardware to avoid the hassle of scratches and dents.

Safer Shipping
Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we give you the advantage with top quality fence sections that are packed in cardboard boxes with plastic rail clips between each section to prevent any damage while in-transit to your jobsite.

Using Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, for your project has clear advantagesMore Flexible Delivery/Installation Time
Moreover, having our own assembly operation means that we have all extrusions (black and bronze) in stock, so delivery and installation times are easier to control here locally.

Faster Turnaround for Repairs
Our large inventory helps us to assemble many styles in just days instead of weeks. This is a huge advantage if your fence is ever damaged by vehicles, mowers or falling trees. We have the repair pieces you need ready for pick up or shipping.

Since 1972, Security Fence Company has manufactured, distributed, assembled and installed our own brand of superior fencing, decking and railing products for the quality-conscious customers in our operating area.

Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how SFC aluminum fencing can meet your fencing needs? Better still, browse our line of aluminum fencing here on our website or visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA, and then let us know how we can help you enhance your home’s value.


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