good fences make good neighborsThe poet, Robert Frost, might have been onto something when he included the proverb, “Good fences make good neighbors” in the poem “Mending Wall”.  The idea is that a properly planned and built fence between your property and that of your neighbor allows you both to know and respect each other’s space and property. 

A fence can help if you wish to have protection for your backyard pool and to see that the neighborhood children don’t play in the garden that you spend most of your spare time tending.  It also helps you to prevent your dog from digging holes in your neighbor’s perfectly-manicured lawn. 

aluminum propertyline smlBoundaries are Important

You might be asking why knowing the exact property line matters if both you and your neighbor agree on where his property ends and yours begins.  Even if you have the best of relationships with your neighbors who might actually be more like extended family members, things can change.  If your neighbor moves away, your fence stands to mark the extent of your property when new neighbors arrive who might not be quite so chummy.

Property disputes can be most unpleasant – something to be avoided if possible.  Given that it is unlawful to build a fence that infringes on someone else’s property, your neighbor could legally require that you remove it if it is not in exactly the right place.   Think of the cost to remove and rebuild.

Your fence establishes a boundary, and it is important that it be properly placed according to existing property plats and deeds. If you don’t have this document, the place to start to obtain a copy is in your local zoning office well before the first post hole has been dug.

chain link fence to mark property lineLeave It to the Experts

You might have reservations about your fence project. You know that you really want that new fence, but it could seem  like a hassle with more than a little risk. Never fear -- our consultants here at Security Fence Company can help you avoid the pitfalls and make the right choices.  They know how to apply the zoning guidelines, recommend the right fencing to meet your needs and your property; and they can point you to civil engineers or surveyors if your property line is unmarked.  With their experienced help, you can relax and rely on them, knowing the result will exceed your expectations. 

Contact us today here at Security Fence in Red Lion, PA with your questions and your ideas.  We’ll get right on it.

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